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Most of our team have at least a decade of experience of being at the leading edge in applying principles of systems thinking and systematic improvement to improve both operational and management processes and systems.  We combine this with expertise in the health and social care landscape drawn from executive and non-executive experience and strategic work supporting the development and implementation of policy at a national and local level. 

We have worked closely with national policy teams on care and service performance policy, looking particularly at the information implications for policy deployment and making the connection between use of information and transformation and continuous improvement.  We work at both a national and local level and are able to act as a conduit between the two. 

As well as work with Acute, Mental Health, Ambulance, Primary Care Trusts and Local Authorities, we have delivered work under the banner of the NHS Information Authority, Health and Social Care Information Centre, Modernisation Agency, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement and worked for the Renal Registry, Healthcare Commission, BUPA, and an Out of Hours Care Provider.  Experience includes public sector scrutiny and NHS senior management and board development. 

  • Assessment of business intelligence capability in nine PCTs.  Development of a skills framework and a normative model for business intelligence.  (CSPI Team)
  • Developed performance framework and coached managers in managing and improving performance in Out of Hours Care provider.  Developed and delivered training in managing performance, SPC, etc.  (CSPI Team)
  • Set up and run a consultancy support service to help trusts put in place an organisational and cross-Health Economy performance measurement frameworks and facilitate work to utilise this in the management, development and redesign of services.  (CSPI Team)
  • Implementation of performance measurement and management systems for 11 NHS trusts.  (CSPI Team)
  • Set up and ran a team that developed the National Information Strategies to support the National Service Frameworks for Renal, Children and Maternity Services and Long Term Conditions.  Designed approach for systematic analysis of requirements, consultation, and scoping and brokering action to address needs.  (CSPI Team)
  • Led review of progress in implementing National Information Strategies for Older Persons, Diabetes, Mental Health and CHD.  Extended approach above to track progress in addressing requirements identified in the NSF and building in other requirements e.g. identified locally or from new standards.  (Esther Ridsdale & Linda Phipps)
  • Analysed implications of the NSF Information Strategies (above) for the National Programme for IT (NPfIT, now Connecting for Health).  Brokered inclusion NSF requirements in the NPfIT.  (CSPI Team)
  • Development of customer and stakeholder engagement strategy, designing and implementing requirments analysis and engagement mechanisms and developing staff in an Arms Length Body.  (CSPI team)
  • Provision of interim Partner Management and Requiements Analysis service.  Provision and management of a team of five to                                                                          >  manage the realtion ship with key stakeholder bodies including the Department of Health, the Healthcare Commission, Connecting for Health, Commission for Social Care Inspection and the NNS Confederation, and                                                         >  analyse the requirements of the NHS (and the particular requirments of the stakeholders) for the new Health and Social Care Information Centre.  (CSPI Team)
  • Implementation of board meeting, customer satisfaction and performance monitoring in Arms Length Body.  (CSPI Team)
  • Led review of process for obtaining information for central monitoring of health and social care organisations.  Managed consultation with the full range of key players (eg NHS Confed, DH, ADSS, Cabinet Office) and gained full support for proposals.  Articulated the vision and implementation requirements for improving usefulness of information for managing and improving services at a local level and deriving central monitoring requirements (from locally useful information).  (CSPI Team)


  • Ongoing facilitation of UK ACIN (Adult Care Information Network) which works at UK government agencies level to bring together policy-makers and information specialists and has looked at areas such as information for Outcomes, Commissioning and Long-term conditions in health and social care.  (Linda Phipps)
  • Review of PCT for Commission for Health Improvement (CHI) and Inspection for Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (lead theme:  Commissioning).  (Linda Phipps)
  • Board/NED development workshops for NHS and for Yorkshire Institute of Directors programme, on role of NEDs and strategic thinking.  (Linda Phipps)
  • Advocate for North of England (49 local authorites), Centre for Public Scrutiny, and Health Scrutiny support assignments in capacity-building for approximately 20 local authorities.  (Linda Phipps)
  • Executive coaching and mentoring, from Business Mentoring to Chief Executives.  (Linda Phipps)
  • CV and career development coaching for SOLACE (Society of Local Authority Chief Executives).  (Linda Phipps)
  • 17 Best Value inspections in three regions as Affiliate Inspector for the Audit Commission, both cross-cutting and service specific, with an emphasis on trasport themes.  (Linda Phipps)
  • Facilitation of Millennium Debate of the Age Northern Partnership Panel including year long project and Good Practice Guide to public sector  initiatives in healthy ageing.  (Linda Phipps)
  • Performance management coaching in developing performance management system and securing buy-in in Council.  (Linda Phipps)
  • Review of reconfiguration proposals.  (Linda Phipps)