About CSPI Associates
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CSPI Associates was initially established at the request of a client to develop a performance improvement consultancy service of trusts (on behalf of the NHS Information Authority and Modernisation Agency), bringing together a team with expertise in performance measurement and management and building management frameworks to drive improvement in end-to-end service delivery. 

Our associates have worked and studied together over a number of years and started work in the NHS in 2001.  Drawing together people with world-class skills in complementary disciplines, CSPI Associates Limited was formally incorporated in June 2003 and has successfully completed over 40 contracts. 

The main focus of our work to date has been: 

  • Developing capability in managing and improving performance  -  developing performance management frameworks and improving use of information in managing performance. 
  • Service redesign  -  drawing on principles of continuous process improvement and lean. 
  • Project and programme management, consultancy advice and facilitation of complex cross-boundary initiatives  -  e.g. identifying information requirements to implement national policy. 
  • Facilitating multi-stakeholder consultation and requirement analysis. 

  • Systemic development:  Understanding the work area as part of the overall system, across and beyond the boundaries of the organisation, enabling maximum and sustainable improvements to the system. 
  • Collaborative working:  A partnership approach with "colleague clients" to optimise the benefits of external support, ensuring that this is continually alligned with real needs and does not duplicate or supplant internal capacity.  (We have specialist skills in collaborative working and in addressing complex, multi-agency challenges.) 
  • Building capability not dependency:  Continually transferring knowledge, skills and tools to the client organistation and its people. 
  • Integrated learning:  Work-based, project -based and timely learning, to ensure maximum learning in the client organisation. 

CSPI brings together individuals skilled in strategic change, process improvement, organisation and information strategy, performance measurement (including SPC), and performance management, personal, team and organisational transformation and management development.  We draw on the thinking of Deming, Shewhart, Senge and others and on a wide range of methodologies including continuous improvement, lean, policy deployment, as well as frameworks for performance measurement and management, strategic management, and transformational change. 

Underpinning all our work has been a focus on gaining an understanding of the performance of the work area from a systems perspective and taking a structured, collaborative, and systematic approach to redesigning the way work gets done. 

Our aim is to support the development of an internal capability within health and social care and to apply such approaches in order to make significant improvements within the health and social care system.  At the same time we aim to get such approaches more embedded within the collective consciousness. 

Going forward we would like to ensure CSPI is best organised to deliver its aims and fit for the principles outlined below: 

  • The primary purpose of the organisation is to help improve the system (for the benefit of society). 
  • The governance structures are suitable to support delivery of primary purpose. 
  • The flow of funds supports the purpose, including                                                      >  pricing of work                                                                                                    >  distribution of any profit                                                                                       >  ways of working with suppliers
  • Decision-making reflects primary purpose. 

We are therefore pursuing a restructuring into a social enterprise, a company limited by guarantee with a board of trustees. 

Within the new structure we would like to expand focus to facilitate work to improve the health and social care system - particularly where there is strong agreement that the work would be valuable but, due to the nature of current focus and procurement processes, the work would not get done otherwise.